General Data Protection Regulations Guide 2018


In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018, McMillan McClure Estate Agents Ltd, is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that the information we hold regarding you is used for the purposes stated and is maintained securely. To that end the General Data Protection Regulations Policy attached (also available on our web site www,


Generally we do not rely on consent as a lawful basis for processing your personal data for the  purposes you have requested

Based on the essential information you do provide McMillan McClure Estate Agents Ltd will use that information for the clear and specific purpose of

  • selling your property
  • Advertising your property for rental
  • processing the purchase, the property you have agreed on
  • processing the tenancy of the property you have agreed to rent

and ensuring the process is concluded successfully and without undue delay.

The amount of information we collect and hold about you will be dependent on your relationship with McMillan McClure in undertaking one or several of the above mentioned actions.

Most of information will be provided by you when you make an initial enquiry and will be used to process your enquiry.

This information will include some or all of the following:

  • Your full name, address, landline telephone number, mobile number, e mail contact address
  • Reason you decided to make contact with McMillan McClure Estate Agents Ltd, eg browsing web site, saw ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ board
  • Whether you have a property to sell or rent and the status of the property ie is it in on the market for sale,
  • Some general features of the property
  • If an appointment to value the property is being requested
  • Whether a mortgage is in place and if not, whether a mortgage appointment be considered
  • Your personal status - employed/unemployed

Should an enquiry progress further, more information will be requested from you, this information will be essential to the progress of your enquiry and the nature of the transaction but may include

  • Mortgage or financial information
  • Family, probate or inheritance details

McMillan McClure General Data Protection Regulations Policy details how we:

  • collect
  • process
  • store
  • retain
  • destroy your information,

as well as your rights as a data subject to access, amend and delete your personal information.

We will need to liaise with a number of third party professionals and businesses who provide services essential to the complete the process you have asked of us and as detailed earlier in this guide.

These include:

  • liaising with solicitors (purchaser and vendor),
  • liaising with mortgage providers (regarding the status of mortgage applications)
  • referral to in house mortgage agent (for purposes of arranging mortgage appointments)
  • liaising with surveyors (on behalf of mortgage providers)
  • liaising with energy performance agents (to complete required energy performance grading)
  • liasing with credit referencing agencies (regarding credit status for tenants)
  • liaising with NIHE and other housing agencies (regarding tenant information)
  • liaising with professional contractors eg electricians, builders, boiler maintenance, inspection providers (to manage and maintain rental properties on behalf of Landlords)

The information we request is essential to undertake these actions. Should you not provide the information lawfully requested to fulfill our obligations to you, it may not be possible to complete your transaction

We may be required to contact HMRC and other associated agencies as per our legal obligations under the Money Laundering regulations and associated legislation.

McMillan McClure Estate Agents Ltd will only use the information you provide to undertake the actions as above. We will not use or give any information to other third parties for the purposes of marketing without obtaining your specific consent to do so.

Consent And Your Rights

This guide gives you information on what consent is and how we obtain and process it. It also outlines how you can withdraw consent.

The information we collect and hold about you will be dependent on your relationship with McMillan McClure Estate Agents Ltd: whether you are a

  • vendor,
  • purchaser,
  • both vendor and purchaser,
  • viewer,
  • landlord,
  • tenant,
  • mortgage applicant.

Most of information will be provided by you when you make an initial enquiry to McMillan McClure  either in person, by telephone or using e mail or a web based enquiry.

In many situations there are several bidders for

  • a property marketed for sale
  • a rental property for let

In these cases, we will offer, or you may request the opportunity to register for mailing list updates of current properties.

Those registered on the McMillan McClure mailing list may de register at any time using the unsubscribe link. Their data will be deleted automatically. Reregistration may be done at any time.


Consent must be

  • Given freely
  • Be specific in terms of what it is being used for
  • Informed
  • Unambiguous
  • Not implied

At McMillan McClure Estate Agents Ltd we will take the time to explain what information we require, why we require it and how it will be used so that you are completely aware of what information is being asked for. Information requested will not be superfluous to the task of estate agency and the successful completion of the transaction being undertaken.

  • Withdrawing your consent

You may choose to withdraw your consent to use information given. This means you will not receive any marketing or other information.

  • Changing your personal information

You should contact the office any 11 Portland Avenue, Glengormley, or telephone 028908000000 or e mail should your personal information change

Who To Contact For Further Information


Jim McMillan

McMillan McClure Estate Agents Ltd

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Tel: 0289080 00 00


Further information can be found on the Information Commissioner web site